"Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole"



about Me

My name is Alyssa Paul, I have grown up and spent my entire life around animals, specifically dogs. I have two of my own that I rescued, Marley and Beetle. They are my heart and soul and have been with me for over 10 years. I also volunteer at the Agoura Animal Shelter and can be found there throughout the week. It makes me very happy and is something I am extremley passionate about. That is why I cofounded this business to continue what I love doing. 

Working with animals actually runs in the family seeing as my mother Lisa, supervises 3 shelters in the Bakersfield area. My stepfather Don, was the curiator of 3 zoos for over 30 years. As you can see my life has truly revolved around animals. By creating this oppurtunity I get to bring those expierences and my love for animals to the service sector of the business world. My goal and dream is to eventually open a no kill shelter and continue working with animals!



Our Services


House Sitting

I'm available for house sitting, this includes a 12 hour overnight stay including walking, feeding, and companionship. Beginning and ending hours are negtioable.

Daily Check-in

A daily check in is to insure your dog has food and water or any other duties you wish to have taken care of at that time. Such as grabbing mail, cleaning up the backyard, or giving certain dogs medical perscriptions.



Private Walk

This inlcudes a 30 minute walk, or 45 minute walk in your neighborhood. I will give food and water and give a follow up call if you prefer before or after the walk.






30$... House Sitting overnight      14$...  dogpark for an hour




16$...45-Minute Private Walk


13$... 30-Minute Private Walk




Satisfied Customers

Thanks to everyone at my happy tails. My are dogs have never been so trim and healthy. They were all 3 very heavy before we signed up for the service. My dogs love there new best friend Alyssa! They wait for her by the door. Alyssa is always on time polite and professional. She also helps me feed them if I’m working overtime. I highly recommend this service to everyone. 

Craig Carson 

Newbury Park, Ca





If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to call or email.

Alyssa Paul

805-668-8551  or email at  Arp33313@gmail.com

Jerry Sawitz