about Me

My name is Alyssa Paul, I have grown up and spent my entire life around animals, specifically dogs. I have two of my own that I rescued, Marley and Beetle. They are my heart and soul and have been with me for over 10 years. I also volunteer at the Agoura Animal Shelter and can be found there throughout the week. It makes me very happy and is something I am extremley passionate about. That is why I cofounded this business to continue what I love doing. 

Working with animals actually runs in the family seeing as my mother Lisa, supervises 3 shelters in the Bakersfield area. My stepfather Don, was the curiator of 3 zoos for over 30 years. As you can see my life has truly revolved around animals. By creating this oppurtunity I get to bring those expierences and my love for animals to the service sector of the business world. My goal and dream is to eventually open a no kill shelter and continue working with animals!